Adirondacks List

Adirondack Chairs
Adirondack Chairs by Jonn Holiner

This is a completely free project started to help upstate. If you have love for the Adirondack region, ‘follow’ the list @

Instead of ‘liking’ a bunch of pages which might clutter your Facebook, you can view posts from 1,400+ individual artists, attractions, businesses, and resources in one easy to read unfiltered feed.

How does it work? Why should YOU follow the list? How do you add YOUR Facebook page into the list? For the answer to those and more questions browse to:

Here is how you can get started and help out…

1: Follow the list by clicking the ‘Use App’ button at the top of or by browsing to
2: Like the page @
3: Share the list @

Share by word of mouth while you’re out and about, or on the trail, by telling your friends to go to Remember, sharing is caring! Let’s keep upstate beautiful, and ever-thriving!

Adirondack Window View
Adirondack Window View by Bethany Bump

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